Offering fundraising opportunities to fundraisers, helping children and poorest families

You Can Help. In a few easy steps, you can create your own personal fundraising campaign to make a big impact. Create a Campaign Now

Inspire Others. Your voice is important. Inspire your family and friends by inviting them on this journey to give.

STEP 1: Think big! Sign up as an individual or a team. Set a fundraising goal. Pick a profile photo. Write your campaign headline to tell others what your campaign is all about. Pro Tip: Set a challenging, yet achievable goal: get creative!

STEP 2: Inspire others! Share your story and invite others on this journey. On our platform, you can easily share your campaign on social media or send emails to your family and friends. Together, we can all make a difference! Pro Tip: Take advantage of personalizing your campaign with a custom URL and detailed story.

STEP 3: Give now! Start the campaign off right by making your first donation and then watch YOUR community of world changers unite for the thirsty. Pro Tip: Remember to thank your supporters and share updates on your journey along the way!

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