Water Is The Most Important Thing For Our Live

With a total population of 16.4 million, at least 12.6 million live in Cambodia’s rural areas, and have limited or poor access to clean water. In 2017, over 9.2 million had access to an improved water supply, but only one million rural households had piped water supply.  

To respond to the piped water supply crisis in Cambodia, Sao Sary Foundation has initiated a fundraising campaign to fundraise for building a water treatment plant with its capacity to produce 7571 cubic meters per day. The capital of investment was estimated at $5,5 million US dollars. The project lifespan is 25 years of operation with one time renewable license. 

$2,75 million US dollars will need financial pledge from donors while the rest is contributed by project beneficiaries. Beside the package of funds for construction of the water treatment plant, we also need to fundraise $130 US dollars per household with five household members and numbers of households targeted 1,000 families who are the poorest of the poor in 54 new target villages of Sao Sary Foundation. Click on this https://ssf.give.asia/campaign/will-you-bring-clean-water-to-13-000-households-today 

 to make a donation now and/or to create a fundraising campaign with your initiatives by clicking on this https://ssf.give.asia/fundraise/new 

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