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Photography of Sao Sary Foundation's Founder

Vichetr learned the value of silence and listening at a very young age. His life often depended on it. Not only his, but that of the entire village. When asked about his favourite childhood memories, he draws a blank. Growing up in war time he has many scars, memories he wishes were never created. Entitled to be bitter about a lost childhood and the loss of his father at a young age, Vichetr asked his mother when he turned 5, “is it time I leave you now to join the monks and continue my journey?” Aghast, his mother replied, “Vichetr you don’t have to become a monk to achieve greatness”. And so it was set, this young boy knew his destiny.

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New face of Domkorvann Health Center
Domkorvann Health Center was among two health centers that Sao Sary Foundation and its partner Singapore International Foundation help refurbished 5 years ago with financial support...
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The best nonprofit organization in Cambodia
The Sao Sary Foundation SAO SARY FOUNDATION is one of the best nonprofit organization based in Cambodia found in 2006. It is a nonprofit, nongovernment, nonpolitical, organization working...
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Give.Asia is a free Crowdfunding Platform in Asia used by Sao Sary Foundation since 2020 to accept one-time and occurring donations
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Phase Out Programs
Water for Life Kampong Speu and Child Protection Centre are among the active programs from 2007 – 2019 that we phased them out after successful completion with over 88,000 direct beneficiaries...
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Sao Sary Foundation's Livelihood Program
Our Livelihoods Program
SSF recognized that providing families with the support and skills to become self-sufficient reduces the likelihood that they will withdraw their children from school and send them...
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Sponsorship for Children
Sponsorship is your choices now
Sponsorships Over the past year we have fine-tuned our sponsorship program to make it more flexible to sponsors as well as individuals and communities. Over the past year we have fine-tuned...
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Roelof van Laar Strategic advisor for children's rights

Vichetr is a driven man, with his heart in the right place. He has founded SSF and has worked tirelessly to help as many children as he can. His personal involvement in all projects and individual cases is exceptional. We have funded the activities of the Sao Sary Foundation since 2009, and are very happy with the results delivered. Not only did he manage to improve the living conditions and income of many families, but he has also taken care of many girls at risk of being trafficked. His contribution to a better and safer Cambodia for children is significant. We are looking forward to cooperating with him in the years to come.

Kamiel Verwer Philosopher, translator, poet

Kamiel Verwer profile picture Kamiel VerwerKamiel Verwer · 1stFirst degree connection philosopher, translator, poet creativechoice.orgphilosopher, translator, poet December 7, 2010, Kamiel reported directly to VichetrDecember 7, 2010, Kamiel reported directly to Vichetr All LinkedIn members On checked On Vichetr is one of the most amazing young leaders we have come to know during a year around the developing world. His broad-spectrum approach to tackle the issues of child trafficking and severe poverty are examplary for any other region. His management skills are excellent and he is fully committed to his mission.

Ryan Ansin Entrepreneur

As reflected in his organization, Vichetr is entirely devoted to his cause and does not waver or back down against any challenge associated with it. Being thousands of miles from the majority of his supporters does not intimidate Vichetr, allowing him to generate funds to execute his goals efficiently.

Aaron Marshburn Strategic Account Executive, Enterprise Life Sciences at Salesforce

Vichetr is a man who is truly dedicated both to his cause of preventing human trafficking in Cambodia and to the specific communities in which he works. In a country where too few people are advocating for the most vulnerable families, his work stands out for the direct impact he has had through providing education to the poorest children in Kampong Speu, while providing financial support to their families in the form of micro-finance loans to help them start sustainable businesses. Despite all the odds against him, he has consistently shown the ability to attract both interest and investment in his vision. The only thing preventing him from making an even greater impact is the additional funds he needs to expand his proven programs. As the manager of the American bank account, I can ensure that every dollar that goes to SSF is properly used both efficiently and intelligently. There is so much need in his community. I am in awe of his effort to stand up in the face of overwhelming difficulties to try to make a difference.

Darren Southcott Social Science Researcher

I had the pleasure of meeting Vichetr on my way through to Laos for an NGO I worked with in early 2010. I was working with SSF already as a grant writer and I felt it was the perfect opportunity for me to see first-hand the work of SSF. I was greatly impressed with the dedication of Vichetr, his family and the whole SSF team. Most impressive were the children under his tutelage. Vichetr and SSF set the benchmark for all my future work in the non-governmental sector and few if any organisations have shown the professionalism and care I have come to expect of Vichetr.

Raquel Volunteer

I meet Vichetr for the first time in Phnom Penh, when he explained to me about his organization and the work he's doing. It seemed so interesting and unique that i decided to spend a weekend at Sao Sary Foundation in the town of Kampong Speu. Upon my arrival I already felt the warmth of the kids who live at the compound. Vichetr took me to rural area where he runs projects with the poorest of the poor. He has been able to make a lot of improvement on the lives of those people. Unfortunatelly there are still so much more that needs to be done and improved. These families, despite their hard work, live in extreme poverty. I was exposed to a very different lifestyle than what i have experienced in the capital city of Phnom Pehn. Back in the compound I could observe how dedicated Vichet is with his organization, working all day, weekends, nights, almost non-stop. Thanks the this hard work he has managed to protect many kids from exploitation, violence or discrimination. And he has done a great job, the kids are really smart, sweet and motivated.

    Our Mission

    Sao Sary Foundation works to inspire vulnerable children and their poorest families to socially and economically empower themselves to become agents of change in their own lives and for equitable world.
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    The Sao Sary Foundation was founded in 2006 to improve quality of life for children and their families living in extreme destitution in Cambodia. 88,000 direct beneficiaries impacted. Of the amount, there are 8,400 children, 8,400 families and 23 villages counted as our direct beneficiaries to the long-term support programs. A Singapore-Cambodia Friendship Hall was built and two health centres were refurbished. Two upgraded handpump wells,37 built new borehole wells, around 200 sanitary toilets were built. 6,651 hygiene kits and 497 feminine hygiene kits were distributed. Read more…

    They Need Your Help!

    Cambodia has made progress in legislation to combat human trafficking, as well as in rehabilitation of those trafficked, but the root causes have yet to be addressed: desperate poverty, food insecurity, vulnerability to economic shock, high levels of indebtedness, as well as complex and heartfelt familial relationships.

    Our Partners

    So far the Sao Sary Foundation has been the grateful recipient of contributions from many generous individuals, funding partners, groups, and businesses. We thank all who honor our work through their cash, labor and in-kind contributions. Please patronize them and salute your friends and neighbors who support Sao Sary Foundation. We would not be able to provide support to any of its programs, community, children, or families it was not due to their kindnesses and generosities.