Crowdfunding For Pit Latrine: Checklist, Tips And Advice

Although Cambodia’s cities continue to grow, about 82 percent of the Country’s population still lives in rural areas. Village life is harsh, and most families do not have access to basic facilities. With a total population of 16.4 million, at least 12.6 million live in Cambodia’s rural areas, and have limited or poor access to clean water. In 2017, over 9.2 million have access to an improved water supply, but only 1 million rural households had piped water supply. While over half of these 1 million rural households have access to improved sanitation, the other half still practice open defecation.

In response to water, hygiene and sanitation issues in Cambodia, Sao Sary Foundation’s Major Accomplishments from 2006 – 2019 are the followings;

  1. 2,700 biosand filters were distributed,
  2. 43 new hand pump wells were built,
  3. Four broken hand pump wells were upgraded, 
  4. 200 pit latrines were assisted to build, 
  5. 54 first aid kits were distributed to village leaders and local authorities after learning First Aid Course from us, 
  6.  6,651 hygiene kits were distributed to 6,651 schoolchildren who learnt with us how to wash their hands effectively through Singaporean handwash standard, 
  7.  497 femine hygiene kits were distributed to 497 female teenagers who studied femine hygiene practice from Singaporean Nurses,
  8. A communal Hall and two health centers were built and refurbished   

The SSF signature program aimed to provide 88,500 villagers in Cambodia with convenient access to clean drinking water through the installation of bio-sand filters (BSFs), borehole wells and latrines.  The multi-sectorial program increased the capacity of communities to adopt improved health and hygiene practices through basic hygiene training, feminine hygiene training and first aid training.  Improved healthcare services and facilities are also facilitated through the construction of a community hall and refurbishment of two health centres.   

Click on to make a health center donation with your name and/or to sign up as a fundraiser for. 

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