Cambodia’s Commitment To Eradicating Child Abuse

Sao Sary Foundation has been serving since 16 years now. For its phase 2 Programs (2019 – 2029), we need your help to fundraise on the following causes;

1) Build a water treatment plant for distribution of piped water networks for 15,000 poor families in 54 villages of three communes of Kampong Speu Province, Cambodia. Total population to impact directly on this project is 72,000 household members. Each family will be able to access tap water solutions at the doorsteps and they enjoy clean safe drinking water for 25 years with a renewable. 

With a total population of 16.4 million, In 2017, only 1 million Cambodian rural households had piped water supply. Our project is to participate with the Govt of Cambodia, other nonprofit organizations, and private water operators to have piped water for all Cambodians by 2035. 

The capital of investment on this project is $5,5 million US dollars. The Plant is going to produce clean safe piped water equal to 7571 cubic meters per 16 hours operation in a day to have adequate water for consumption by a household with 4.5 members on average.  227,142 is the total consumption per month. 

Sustainable and reliable water supply remain scarce in rural areas even till today.  With a total population of 16.4 million and about 82 percent of the Country’s population (12.6 million) live in Cambodia’s rural areas, and have limited or poor access to clean water.

With financial support from Ngee Ann City through Singapore International Foundation several years ago, Sao Sary Foundation could build a commune hall and refurbish two health centers but due to the greatest needs on the ground therefore, we still need to fundraise for building 40 more units each of; communal hall and health center

with Objectives;

  • Reduce the incidence of water and sanitation related diseases through the provision of enhanced water supply and sanitation facilities;
  • Increase the capacity of participating communities to adopt improved health and hygiene practices; and
  • Strengthen participating communities ’capacity and capability to plan, implement and manage, operate and maintain health and environmental improvements through enhanced water and sanitation facilities

$43,000 US dollars was the budget for building a standard communal hall or a health center and $27,000 US dollars is for refurbishment of a health center.

3) Provide support to 50 orphans and vulnerable children for having proper shelter, food, education, and care. Sao Sary Foundation has three types of sponsorship to the children: full (US$100 per month), educational (US$35 per month) and partial (US$18 per month). Click on  to sign up as a fundraiser now. 

Full sponsorships ($100 per month):

Full sponsorships ($100 per month): The number of children and youths receiving full sponsorships has risen to 56. These sponsorships cover all living and educational expenses as well as pocket money for children and youths who live at the Protection Center. Funding also helps support their biological or adoptive families whom we partner with and our Protection and Learning centers. Click on to make a health center donation with your name and/or to sign up as a fundraiser for. 

Partial sponsorships ($35 per month):

SSF introduced partial sponsorships (for children and youths who live with their families) in 2006. These sponsorships allow the children and youths to remain in school, and include financial support for school fees and materials as well as food. Almost all of these, 86, go to girls.  Click on to make a health center donation with your name and/or to sign up as a fundraiser for. 

Educational sponsorships ($18 per month):

Educational sponsorships (financial support for school fees and materials, including bicycles) have increased to 8400 this year. These sponsorships are making education possible for 8400 children who face a high risk of any form of child labour, trafficking and abuse. Click on to make a health center donation with your name and/or to sign up as a fundraiser for. 

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