One of the three ways to Prevent Child Abuse That Are Basically Free

Although Cambodia’s cities continue to grow, about 82 percent of the Country’s population still lives in rural areas. Village life is harsh, and most families do not have access to basic facilities. Sao Sary Foundation has been serving the poorest children, their families, and communities for 16 years now. So far, 8,400 Cambodian poorest families have directly impacted our family sponsorships. 

SSF recognized that providing families with the support and skills to become self-sufficient reduces the likelihood that they will withdraw their children from school and send them to work. This is why family sponsorship is the appropriate intervention in some cases. In each case, the goal of family sponsorship is to ensure that by the second year the parents, parent or grandparent is able to support the family through a micro business or other income-generating activity.

What SSF does is help the family draft and implement a business plan and a household development plan, through financial training and coaching. In these cases, families make the transition from subsistence day labor or farming to year-round employment that allows them to save for the future or invest in their business or farms.

We provide initial grants of $75 to $1,250 in start-up capital. Once the business proves viable additional support is sometimes given to expand or upgrade services. In general, SSF does not provide cash to families directly, but helps draft a plan and then delivers the goods necessary to start a business. This is followed by technical support an weekly visits that create an channel for open discussion about the challenges and opportunities posed by a new business. Annual evaluations and audits are made so that both the family and SSF can measure the outcome of the project.

Family sponsorship is $40 per month, about $1.30 a day. This provides the family with access to clean water, nutritious food, vital health care, and improved housing. The funding also includes training and financial support for family business development. The number of families receiving sponsorship has risen from 10 in the previous reporting period to 8,400 currently. Click on to make a health center donation with your name and/or  to sign up as a fundraiser for. 

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